10 Best Wholesale Suppliers FREE

10 Best Wholesale Suppliers FREE

Getting started in the fashion industry isn’t always easy. But here we’ve made it a little simpler for you.

Here, we will take a look at the top 10

 high-quality boutique suppliers online where you can source clothing and other products for a low price.


1. AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world. There are hundreds of clothing manufacturers here, and you can buy dresses for as low as $15.

The good thing about AliExpress is all of the manufacturers ship worldwide. You can buy in wholesale or retail. If you buy on retail, you are still paying for wholesale price. Many of the products here are of high-quality and can compete with international brands.

There are also many suppliers in AliExpress that have warehouses in Germany, Russia, US, UK, and other parts of Europe. What this means is that they ship from these locations so the products will be delivered faster if your customers are from these countries.

2. Chinabrands

This one is a website where many manufacturers sell their products in wholesale terms. Chinabrands is like AliExpress in that it is from China, but the products here are cheaper. they have a great selection of wholesale clothing suppliers.

Also, Chinabrands has a program that was specifically designed for dropshipping. What you need to do is to be a member first, and only then can you buy products per piece. The manufacturer will ship the item to your customer, and you do not have to pay any subscription fee.

Chinabrands also have manufacturers who can ship wholesale products to you, and they can brand the items for you. However, you need to talk to the manufacturer first before you can do this so you can discuss the terms.

3. Parisian

This is a UK brand that sells a lot of clothing internationally. You can order wholesale, but you have to pay 20% tax if you are from the UK or Europe.


Here, you can find dresses, playsuits, blazers, jackets, and so much more. This supplier specializes only on women’s clothing. You can buy good quality clothes for as little as £10, but you have to buy in packs of six.

Delivery also has a cost, so you need to prepare at least $20 for the shipping fee. The shipping method used is either DHL or Parcel Force. Keep in mind that you can only buy packs of six or nine, so you cannot use this website for dropshipping single items.

4. Wholesale7

This site is a wholesaler and a drop shipper that focuses on Korean and Japanese clothing styles. The business has been around for five years, and it ships internationally.

Wholesale7 allows you to sell its products in your own Shopify store, and you do not have to hold inventory. They will ship the items directly to your customer. Unlike Parisian, you can buy individual products from this site, and then sell them at your own price.

The company also offers packaging and label that use your own brand. Before you can use the site, you must register and submit your application. You will go through a verification process, and once you are approved, you can start buying from them.

5. Paperdoll

This site sells clothing, jewelry, handbags, and clothing for children. Paperdoll ships internationally, and uses trustworthy shipping methods like FedEx and UPS.

Paperdoll is a wholesaler, and each type of clothing will come in a pack of at least six. For the clothes you buy, you will receive different sizes.

You cannot use Paperdoll to drop ship your products per piece. Instead, you can use it if you have an Amazon FBA business, or if you have your own physical store. You can also buy wholesale here if you have an online business and you are simply looking for a wholesale supplier.

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6: Wholesale Central

This is a website where you can find many wholesale clothing suppliers from the US. Not only will you find suppliers, but the site also offers tradeshows and close out sale.

Here, you can find clothing for women, babies, and so much more. This site is not a marketplace it is a directory of wholesalers. There is no membership required. If you find a wholesaler that you like, click on the link so you can go to that wholesaler’s website.

You must contact the supplier and do business with them directly. Wholesale Central does not take any fee from you, as they only earn if a supplier advertises on their website.

7. Sugar Lips

This company is based in the US, and it is the largest manufacturer of seamless clothing for women in North America. It is the supplier of clothing to worldwide stores like Macy’s, Urban Outfitters, and many more.

You can use this supplier if you are operating both an online and physical store, but you cannot use it for dropshipping because it does not ship single pieces. It also does not ship to your customer, so you must have the items shipped directly to your house or business.

Also, you need to know that all clothing that comes from here is branded as Sugar Lips, and the company does not brand clothes in any other way.

8. Bloom Wholesale

On this site, you can buy clothing for as little as $5. The site sells dresses, kimonos, blouses, and so much more.

All the products here are made in the USA, and the company offers returns or refunds. However, the company will charge a 5% restocking fee plus shipping fees.

There are no minimum orders required, but if you order more than $400, shipping is free.

9. LA Showroom

This website is both a marketplace and a directory of wholesale suppliers. Here, you can find clothing that you can buy for as little as $10.

You must be a member to be able to buy and view the items. Once you are approved for membership, you can explore the site by brand, and then you can start ordering in wholesale prices.

Since there are different vendors here, the prices and the shipping costs vary. The minimum order requirements also vary from one vendor to another, including the destinations to which they ship.

10. Magnolia Wholesale

If you are looking for swimwear, dresses, and suits, you might want to check this site out. However, Magnolia only ships in packs, which means you cannot order single pieces. Most of the time, each pack has three pieces of the same clothing or item.

Before you can order, you must be a member. Registration is free, and the site accepts worldwide members.

Shipping does not have a fixed price, as it depends on the location. You can use magnolia to buy items in bulk, but you cannot use it for single dropshipping.


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