Luxury Universal Fur Car Set

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-Surface Material: Natural fur
-Natural fur Category: Wool
-Season: Spring/Autumn/Winter
-Fitment: Diameter 36-38cm (Fits most standard steering wheels )
-Size: 138cm *63 cm (54.3 * 24.8 in )
-Color: Pink
-Style: Mature

1. For the car, especially for high-level cars and others, highly ornamental value, is to decorate your steering wheel sheepskin equipment, helps to reduce fatigue on the way, for you create a comfortable driving environment, reflect unique driving sensation.
2. Let your car with valuable products and can suck exhaust stains, more comfortable feel, soft texture steady nerves to calm effect.
3: The best gift for your family, friends, colleagues, ledder!
4. Great Decoration for your beloved car, make a new look.

1. Do not use water washing.
2. Placed in ventilated, dry place.
3. If you use mothballs and other insect repellent, be careful not to let direct contact.
4. Do not expose the product to high temperatures (such as water, blankets, etc.) as well as exposure to the sun.
5. Minor contamination with a clean towel dipped in volatile PCE gently loosen and timely dry.
6. Regularly using a hair dryer and comb gently comb hair surface, keeping it soft, natural conditions.

Package List:
1 x Pink Long Plush Fur Cover for Steering Wheel,
1 x Pink Gear Knob Cover
1 x Pink Parking Brake Cover
2 x Single Front Seat